Sky Free Radius®

Professional Accuracy Landing Device

About Sky Free Radius®

Sky Free Radius®
the perfect solution for
accuracy landing training and competition

All in one device.
The center unit is embedded in a lightweight carrying case.

Operating autonomy between 30-40 hours

The system is powered by a small and powerful 12v battery.

The central diameter „00” is 2 cm

The display shows numbers between 00 - 16

Auto reset after 8 seconds

Video demonstration

This video shows how Sky Free Radius® works.


8 kg

Total weight


Large display with smd leds

Maximum 120° angle visibility.
The digits are clearly visible from a distance of more than 100 m.


The display shows numbers between 00 - 16

30-40 hours

Battery autonomy

Strong connectors

Military heavy duty connectors

11 m cable

Central unit <> Accuracy Pad

The display blinks when it shows "00"

& beep sirens

Sky Free Radius® is designed and manufactured by Sky Free Team - Uroi, Simeria, Romania.

We love to say: "Radius is made by paragliders pilots for paraglider pilots training."

It took a few years before we succeeded in creating a device that we are fully satisfied with.

When making the Radius we followed several criteria: easy to carry, the battery to be light, the operating autonomy to be high, the display to be seen from a distance, display with self-reset.



Sky Free Radius® 218 has 2 cm center diameter "00" and 18 cm display height.

Sky Free Radius® 225 has 2 cm center diameter "00" and 25 cm display height.

Please write which products you are interested in and in which country you want us to deliver it.
We will immediately respond with all details that you need about billing, payment and delivery.

Price list

Sky Free Radius® 218 - Price 2380 Euro
Sky Free Radius® 225 - Price 2670 Euro

For clients from EU with VAT identification numbers the prices is:
Sky Free Radius® 218 - Price 2000 Euro
Sky Free Radius® 225 - Price 2250 Euro

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Adress: 335900 Simeria, Hunedoara County, Romania
Phone: +40 724 527 586

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Our developing projects

SKY FREE RADIUS® with two displays.
SKY FREE RADIUS® with large accuracy pad.
SKY FREE RADIUS® with 3 digits and accuracy pad for measuring 5 in 5 mm.